Competitive Structure

FC Stars is a non-profit organization that provides top quality opportunities for young players in New England and is managed by a Board of Directors.  The playing side of the club is overseen by Director of Coaching (DOC), Jason Dewhurst.  The club employs talented full-time and part-time coaching staff with vast experience of the youth soccer landscape in Massachusetts.  The quality of coaching is a major factor in the playing success of the FC Stars club.

FC Stars operates a tiered system of teams in each age group.  On the girls side of the club, the overall top team in each age group is called Stars United at ages below U13 and Stars ECNL at U13 and older.  The second level in the the club overall at U13 and older is called Stars NPL. Regional teams are known as either United or Athletic teams and the Stars regional satellites follows similar nomenclature with the teams tiered as Stars West United, Stars West Athletic and so on.











On the boys side of the club the top team at U13 and up is called Stars NPL. At U12 and younger the teams remain in their regions and play as Regional United or Athletic teams (see below).











FC Stars also offers a Junior Academy for players U9 and younger to teach the basic fundamentals of the game and to instill a sense of fun and enthusiasm for the game that will last a lifetime.

NSCAA Member Club