Player Code of Conduct
I understand that as a playing member of FC Stars, I must follow the rules and policies of the club and any leagues or competitions that we participate in. I understand that, as a player, I am a representative of FC Stars and as such, must not conduct myself in a way that reflects poorly on the club.  I also understand that my playing rights are dependent on my adherence to the following.
  • I will respect the game of soccer and its laws. I will learn these laws and I will play the game fairly.
  • I will make every effort to get to all team events.  If I cannot attend, I will give timely notice to my coach of my absence.
  • I will show respect for the match officials, even though I will sometimes disagree with their decisions.
  • I will work for the good of the team and conduct myself with honor and dignity at all times.
  • I will show good sportsmanship to my opponents before, during and after games.
  • I will help my parents and fans understand the Laws of the Game so they can watch and enjoy the game better and understand that dissent is not permitted.

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