Key Club Contacts

If you have any questions regarding your time as a FC Stars player, then please refer to the administrative and technical staff lists below.


Stars Administrative and Office Staff

 Director of Coaching  Jason Dewhurst
 Chief Administrative Officer  Sarah Dewhurst
 Director of Operations  Bobby Redmond
 Billing/Accounts  Tom Phillips
 General Information
 Merchandise  Tom Phillips
 Website  Bobby Redmond
 Facility Booking  Tom Phillips
 Facility Maintenance  Danny Bolam
 Tournament Director  Tom Phillips
 Marketing Director  Alan Goggs
 Residential Camp Director


FC Stars Technical Staff

 FC Stars Central Boys    
 Academy Director  Danny Bolam
 Technical Director  Alec Cruickshank
 FC Stars Central Girls    
 Technical and Academy Director  Ginger Baker
 FC Stars ECNL and NPL Girls    
 Technical Director  Jason Dewhurst
 FC Stars ECNL and NPL Boys    
 Technical Director  Alec Cruickshank
 FC Stars West    
 Technical and Academy Director  Tom Phillips
 FC Stars NH    
 Technical and Academy Director  Tony Karibian
 FC Stars South    
 Technical and Academy Director  Brendon Boates
 FC Stars East    
 Technical and Academy Director  Eric Driscoll
FC Stars MetroWest    
Technical Director  Shawn McDonough
 FC Stars Girls Development Academy     
 Girls Academy Director  James Blackwell

Contact Us

FC Stars - Head Office & FC Stars Store
30 Great Road 
Acton, MA 01720

Phone - 978-631-0766

Office Hours
Monday - Friday  
9:00am - 2:00pm

*Please note, customers should call ahead before visiting the office during the opening hours.

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