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Partnership Opportunities

There are a variety of ways for interested patrons to partner with FC Stars and provide support for our programs and initiatives.

Packages can be tailored to meet your needs.  Align your brand with FC Stars - Contact Alan Goggs (

Philanthropy: FC Stars is very grateful to all its philanthropic donors, who have largely facilitated our needs-based scholarship program. All philanthropic donations are greatly welcomed and can be directed to the program of choice.

FC Stars is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization.  All donations - Advertising, Sponsorship and Gifts to FC Stars are tax deductible.

Sponsorship Opportunities - Uniform Sponsorship     

Uniform Branding: For a suitable donation FC Stars will provide uniform advertising for either the club as a whole or for an individual region or program within the club.  FC Stars teams play across Massachusetts, New England and beyond, as a recognized national brand we can extend your exposure wherever we go.

Sponsorship Opportunities - FC Stars Field Complex

FC Stars Soccer Complex powered by Emerson Hospital provides a basis for different degrees of support in the form of various advertising opportunities, as outlined below.                                                   

FC Stars Elite Sponsorship - Field Naming - FC Stars has two full size soccer fields, both of which are currently available for support.  For a suitable gift FC Stars will provide field perimeter signage and refer to the given field in all communications with leagues and tournaments and on our web-site as "sponsor" field.

FC Stars Perimeter Sponsorship - Field Perimeter brandingFC Stars will provide clean image branding around the perimeter fence of the fields in recognition of a gift from supporting businesses.  Banner content and design will be determined between FC Stars, the sponsoring business and designers from the signage company.

Sponsorship Opportunities - FC Stars Tournaments 

Stars Cup: Since 2007, FC Stars has grown and developed the annual Stars Cup, held over Labor Day weekend, into the  highest-ranked tournament in the New England region, with over 300 teams attending the tournament from across the US and Canada.  Co-branding of the Stars Cup with your business would provide an extensive exposure across New England and  beyond.

  • Tournament Naming Rights
  • Hotel Partnerships

Sponsorship Opportunities - Co-Branding Opportunities 

Align your brand with FC Stars - FC Stars provide opportunities for local businesses to sponsor, Tents, Flags and Field Banners to be used in FC Stars regions.  Main opportunities include:

  • Tournaments
  • Camps
  • Clinics
  • Leagues
  • Tryouts 

FC Stars - 24 Hour Soccer-Thon 

FC Stars 24 hour continuous soccer event, in association with local non profit Companies and the FC Stars Financial Aid program.

  • Title Event Sponsor - Naming Rights of event.
  • Appreciation Gifts Sponsor - Naming Rights of appreciation gifts.
  • Logo on Event T-Shirt 

To determine if FC Stars sponsorship helps enable your company to meet your objectives contact Marketing Director Alan Goggs to discuss the right package for your needs.

Please contact for further details.

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