Initiatives to Support

Philanthropy: FC Stars is very grateful to all its philanthropic donors, who have largely facilitated our needs-based scholarship program. All philanthropic donations are greatly welcomed and can be directed to the program of choice.

FC Stars is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization.  All donations - Advertising, Sponsorship and Gifts to FC Stars are tax deductible.  All donations will provide support for the following initiatives:

Needs-Based Player Scholarships: Over the past 5 years FC Stars has awarded >$300,000 in needs-based scholarships to allow participation of players in our programs who would otherwise have been unable to participate on financial grounds. Over 300 individual, full or partial awards have been distributed. Unlike many other clubs, FC Stars scholarship awards are 100% based on financial need and decisions are made following comprehensive review of all applications by the Board of Directors. Under no circumstances are scholarships offered as an inducement to join the club or a reward for outstanding talent. These funds have been generated largely by generous philanthropic donation and by revenues generated by FC Stars Cup and recently by facility rentals to other tournaments. Further expansion of this program would enable even more players to participate in our programs, by easing financial burdens on those who may not be able to afford to participate at present.

The Samantha Prescott College Scholarship: Samantha Prescott was a much-beloved FC Stars player who lost her courageous battle with cancer on December 1, 2011. She was a wonderful young lady, the epitome of a team player, and is sorely missed by all who knew her. To honor her memory, FC Stars created a college scholarship program in her name in 2012 and currently awards two $1,000 scholarships each year to deserving High School seniors who play for FC Stars and will be heading to college. This is a highly competitive award and we would be very grateful for donations that could further increase the impact of Sam's scholarship program and extend our ability to help our players as they take the next step in life and further their education.

Phase 2 Development of the FC Stars Soccer Complex Powered by Emerson Hospital:  FC Stars is in a large minority of youth soccer clubs that have taken steps to stabilize their future field needs by investing in the planning and development of our own soccer facility in Lancaster, Massachusetts.  In Phase 1 we constructed two state-of-the-art, full size synthetic soccer fields with floodlights and a 300 car paved parking lot.  Happily, the club was able to complete this development without putting the financial burden on our member families by significantly increasing registration fees.  Our current fees remain considerably below many of our competitors, all of whom do not have a facility under their control. The next phase of our facility development is the installation of a Clubhouse, with offices, public rest-rooms, gymnasium, store, kitchen and adjoining storm shelter pavilion. This includes installation of both well and septic systems.

New Infrastructure Programs

    Injury Prevention and Rehab Program:  FC Stars is taking a greater degree of responsibility in ensuring the health and safety of our players by introducing programs that aid in both the prevention and treatment of injury .  Two programs will be piloted starting this this Fall.  ln the first, FC Stars has partnered with Emerson Hospital to establish a rehab program to help all players that are working their way back from long-term injury.  Players will participate in specifically-targeted FC Stars group sessions at the new Emerson Hospital Center for Rehabilitative and Sports Therapies in Concord, MA.  In the second pilot program, a new tracking and monitoring system will be implemented to analyze the health and performance of our players . This program identifies when a player is at higher risk for injury and allows our coaches to tailor practice and game planning accordingly. This program will initially be evaluated in a limited number of teams with a view to future expansion across the club.  We will be piloting the Fit for 90 product, where players self-report their status on a variey of significant scientific variables using a smartphone App, which allows continual tracking by coaches, who can thereby plan the content and degree of intensity of practice session to avoid overloading the physical toll on the players and thus, maximize safety and performance.  Fit for 90 is currently used by US National teams, MLS and NWSL teams and many of the top youth clubs across the Nation, with excellent metric of success and positive user reviews. 

 Strength and Conditioning Program: FC Stars intends to take a more active stance with regard to the overall health and fitness of our players.  Institution of a strength and conditioning program will have a highly beneficial effect on our players' ability to compete to the highest degree possible with an added degree of safety through improved strength and fitness.  FC Stars would like to hire a male and female strength and conditioning coach to work with our girls and boys teams respectively, and would be grateful for support of this initiative to benefit our players.

  Video Education:  Children learn in many different ways. For some, the distractions of the on-field training environment may not be the optimal way for them to acquire soccer knowledge.  FC Stars would like to support such players and enhance the learning experience of others by providing a video library that can deal with technical and tactical elements to reinforce the educational nature of training and to provide game footage for analysis and performance improvement.  Support of this initiative in terms of funding equipment and software purchases would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact for more information on any of our programs and initiatives.

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