Visitor Statistics.

The FC Stars Soccer Complex powered by Emerson Hospital plays host to more than 7,000 visitors per week, on average.

Around 60% of all visitors are FC Stars families from the Central, ECNL and NPL programs, with the remainder constituting FC Stars families from other regions and families from other clubs from Massachusetts, bordering states and from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Families attending training or games make use of local businesses before, during and after events. Additionally, tournaments hosted by the FC Stars Soccer Complex powered by Emerson Hospital and run by FC Stars, or other clubs attract over 300 teams per tournament and bring a vast number of visitors that require services of local businesses, hotels, restaurants and stores. 

ECNL (Elite Clubs National League), NPL (National Premier League) and NEP (New England Premiership) also host events at the FC Stars Complex.




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