Baseline Tesing for Concussion Evaluation

FC Stars and Emerson Hospital are pleased to announce an important step in caring for the health of our players by offering comprehensive baseline testing for all FC Stars Players at sites in Concord and Westford. Testing includes: 

  • ImPact testing
  • Balance Errer Scoring System
  • Biodex modified – Clinical Testing Sensory Integration and Balance (CTSIB)

Baseline testing provides a player’s physician with objective assessments necessary for a smooth transition to recover and safely return to
play, should a concussion be suspected. With baseline testing, the player’’s physician will have data to compare pre and post concussion cognitive and physical performance.

Cost: $75/athlete
Please allow one hour for the completion of all three tests.
Pre-registration is required. For an appointment in Concord, please call 978-287-8200 and in Westford, please call 978-589-6850

More details here.


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