Emerson Hospital - F.C. Stars Partnership


F.C. Stars are proud and delighted to have continuing support from Emerson Hospital in Concord MA, to better aid and educate our young players through the process of developing athletes. We are delighted to recognize the extensive past and ongoing support of Emerson Hospital in naming our new turf facility the "FC Stars Soccer Complex Powered by Emerson Hospital"

Emerson Hospital has made a considerable commitment to aid our players on game day by providing two coolers for each team that are used for 1. Ice (for immediate treatment of minor injuries) and 2. Post-game snacks to help the recovery process following physical exertion. 

We are also very grateful to the staff of Emerson Hospital for a series of informational sessions at Nashawtuc Country Club presented to our players and parents by renowned clinicians and physical therapists.  In the course of these sessions, the Stars players, parents and coaches have been exposed to invaluable information on A: Concussions, B: ACL and ligament injuries, C: Injury prevention, and D. Nutrition. These presentations can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate tabs. Through these presentations we hope to educate our members to be better prepared for competitive soccer and to minimize the hazards that accompany participation in a dynamic and contact sport.



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