Central Girls Junior Academy

FC Stars places a high level of importance on the development of its youngest players. We recognize that this is where the future begins and consequently, our priority in the Junior Academy is the development of each and every player that attends.

Our philosophy is to provide participating players with the environment to be taught the fundamental aspects of the game without eliminating the fun and enjoyment of it, which remains the most important element for success. The development age of the participant is taken into consideration. There are challenges but they are achievable. This guarantees that each player experiences a raised self-esteem and most importantly, experiences the fun and enjoyment of this game.

Goal of the Program
The Junior Academy provides the developmental bridge between recreational soccer and competitive soccer.The Academy and 2008 teams are based at different locations, including Acton, Lancaster, Northboro and Sudbury.  Our 2008 teams will be playing in the NEP.

F.C. Stars Central Girls 2008-2011 Jr Academy Director
Dave 'Ginger' Baker
Email: dbaker@starsofma.org

Spring Programs 2018

Program Name Birth Year Dates Location
Jr. Academy - Acton 2011-2006

Tuesday's - 4/3/18 - 5/22/18

Thursday's - 4/5/18 - 5/24/18

Teamworks Acton 
 Jr. Academy - Northboro 2011-2006

Tuesday's - 4/3/18 - 5/22/18

Thursday's -  4/5/18 - 5/24/18

Teamworks Northboro
 Jr. Academy - Sudbury 2011-2007

Monday's - 4/2/18- 5/21/18

Wednesday's - 4/4/18-5/23/18

Sudbury Field House (turf)



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