Our confident, professional staff work hard to make our training and playing environments challenging, enjoyable and beneficial to our athletes.  Please register for tryouts and join us!   

Tryouts are ongoing at FC Stars, please contact Tony Karibian for more details (tkaribian@starsofma.org)


FC Stars are proud to be fielding the following teams for the 2017-18 Seasons.
Regional Director - Tony Karibian (tkaribian@starsofma.org)
FC Stars NH College Liaison - Tony Wallis (twallis@starsofma.org)
Boys Teams Coach Coach Email
B 04 NH United Tim Field tfield@starsofma.org
B 05 NH United Tony Karibian tkaribian@starsofma.org
B 06 NH United Tony Karibian tkaribian@starsofma.org
B 07 NH United Tony Karibian tkaribian@starsofma.org
B 09 NH United Tony Karibian tkaribian@starsofma.org


Girls teams Coach Coach email  Asst.Coach  
G 00/01 NH United Tim Field tfield@starsofma.org    
G 01 NH NPL Jaime Williams jwilliams@starsofma.org Dave Bulk dbulk@starsofma.org
G 02 NH United Pete Clarke clarkieklarkie@outlook.com    
G 03 NH United Ashley Clarke aclarke0791@gmail.com Peter Clarke


G 05 NH United Tony Karibian tkaribian@starofma.org    
G 07 NH United Alyssa Balboni abalboni@starsofma.org  


FC Stars NH is looking forward to welcoming players to join our team sessions and take part in high level club training. We understand that players are curious about club soccer but are also committed to their town teams. We can and will support players' development and create opportunities to make new friends while still having the ability to play with hometown classmates. These sessions are integrated with our existing teams so players can not only increase their skills but get a chance to see what our day-to-day training environment is like. It is an excellent opportunity to sample the FC Stars club experience and the player development training platform implemented by our coaches.

For more information, please contact Tony Karibian:  tkaribian@starsofma.org  

F.C. Stars New Hampshire

As always, our ability to grow is connected to our passion for the communities and players with whom we work. 
This fall we are proud to add Londonderry to the growing number of communities connected to the FC Stars Program. These relationships are welcome and positively impact the communities and players in our programs. 

FC Stars New Hampshire


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