Massachusetts State Championships

To date, FC Stars of Massachusetts has won numerous State Championships, cuminating in our most successful year ever in 2010 with 5 girls titles and 1 boys champion that subsequently went to Region 1 finals.  Recent champions are listed by year below.


2013:  U13G, U16G, U19G

2012:  U15G, U19B

2011:  U14G, U15G, U17G, U18G, U19G

2010:  U13G, U14G, U16G, U17G, U18G, U17B

2009:  U13G, U15G, U17G

2008:  U14G, U16G

2007:  U13G, U14G, U15G

2006:  U14G, U15G


no title

no title